Origin Accounts Hacked, EA Is Escalating the Issue

Gamers might be protected by changing their passwords

A number of users are reporting that their Origin account from Electronic Arts has been hacked, with unknown attackers able to get the username and password that’s required to take control of it and then change all the personal details and lock the legitimate user out.

A report from Eurogamer talks about a number of threads on NeoGAf and other forums which mention the issue and it seems that one of the site’s contributors has also been affected.

The good news is that although Origin accounts store credit card information, they never keep hold of the special verification code, which means that an attacker cannot use the account to buy new games.

The bad news is that the information that is stored by the Origin digital distribution service could be corroborated with information obtained from other sources to gain access to a credit card.

At the moment, publisher EA is investigating the issue inside its customer support department.

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