Orc Must Die! 2 Receives Small Patch, Fixes Audio for Rocket Launcher and More

The small update is now available for download on Steam

The guys over at Robot Entertainment, creators of Orcs Must Die!, have quietly released an update for the second installment in the series.

Orc Must Die! 2 has just received a small patch that fixes a few things that might, or might not, annoy some players. The update is now live on Steam, though there is no official changelog available yet.

However, devs confirmed on Steam forums the contents of this minor update, which basically fixes three issues with various stuff in the game.

First of all, Robot Entertainment reduced the memory used by King of the Hill as some players had some issues playing it. Secondly, developers fixed the audio for the rocket launcher and stone staff.

Apparently, in co-op mode they always sounded as if your partner was next to you. Last but not least, some trap grids on the third floor of Tower have been fixed as well.

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