Open Beta for Path of Exile Delayed to January 23, 2013

The new date will give developers time to polish the experience

The development team at Grinding Gear Games announces that the open beta data for Path of Exile has now been pushed back for another month and will officially start on January 23 of next year.

The main reasons for the new delay was the requirement for extra support, which was impossible to meet during the Christmas and New Year period.

Path of Exile will also get a final character wipe in January and the official 0.10.0 patch.

The official statement from Grinding Gear Games apologizes and says, “We understand that some community members may be disappointed with this news, and we’re very sorry that we have to adjust the date one final time.”

Path of Exile has been in closed beta since August 2011 and reports have suggested that the game is constantly improving in terms of quality and has added new features during the process.

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