Omega Mass Effect 3 DLC Launches on November 27

Gamers get new enemy to fight with, new locations to explore

Video game developer BioWare has announced that the Omega downloadable content pack for Mass Effect 3 will be launched on November 27 and that it will cost 1200 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360 and 10 dollars or 10 Euro.

Mike Gamble, who is a producer working on Mass Effect 3, has told the audience at the New York Comic Con that Omega will be twice as big as Leviathan in terms of content.

The core story of the DLC will see Commander Shepard team up with Aria T'loak in order to help her retake control of her beloved space station from Cerberus forces.

A female Turian character will be introduced to Mass Effect 3 for the first time and a new Cerberus Dragoon enemy will also make an appearance in the single-player part of the game after it was added to the multiplayer mode via Retaliation.

BioWare seems to have planned a return to Omega since Mass Effect 3 was in the planning stages, but the section was taken out of the core game in order to return as DLC because of time and resource constraints.

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