Older Vita Models Will Not Get a Price Cut Ahead of Slim Launch, Says Sony

Gamers will be able to pick a new handheld up on February 7

Video game hardware maker Sony announces that it has no plans to cut the price of the older model of the PlayStation Vita before the launch of the new Slim device, mostly because there are not enough units available in stores in order to satisfy increasing demand.

VG247 quotes Fergal Gara, the leader of the Sony team handling the launch in the United Kingdom, as saying that, “It’s all but sold out. On this occasion there’s no immediate need to start discounting the old model.”

At the moment, the PlayStation Vita Slim is only confirmed for launch in the United Kingdom, but Sony will probably also announce it for the rest of Europe and for North America soon.

The device is designed to be slimmer and to weigh less while introducing a new LCD screen to replace the older OLED.

Battery life has also been expanded and soon gamers will also be able to buy a new indie game bundle for the device.

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