Official PlayStation 4 Website Now Live, Has Details About Games, Controller, More

Learn everything about the next-generation console and its games

Sony has set up an official website for the recently announced PlayStation 4, sharing more details about the console, as well as on its controller, the PS4 Eye, and the different games confirmed for it.

The PlayStation 4, after much rumors and speculation, was revealed to the world last week, even if Sony didn't actually show off the device, instead preferring to present the final design at E3 2013 this June.

Instead, the company focused on the console's games, its controller, and its PS4 Eye accessory.

Now, a special website has been set up for the PlayStation 4, showing off all the things that were presented at last week's conference.

Sadly, fans won't find any photos of the actual PS4, but they can learn quite a few more details about its games, its controller, and its hardware specifications.

You can look forward to hearing more about the PS4 as we get closer to its second reveal in June at E3 2013.

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