Oddeworld Creator Says Gaming Offers Too Much Britney Spears, Little Pink Floyd

Indie games manage to deliver some solid stories and emotional content

Lorne Lanning, one of the creators of Oddworld, believes that the gaming world suffers because it offers too many Britney Spears-like games and a small number of experiences that are similar to Pink Floyd’s music.

The developer believes that this creates issues with storytelling and leads to a lack of overall emotion and expressivity.

He tells Polygon that, “Pink Floyd was able to express cleverly their issues with the negative music industry practices and general dismay with capitalism, while in turn making some of the greatest selling entertainment music of all time.”

A lot of the blame is linked to video game publishers, who have become more interested in selling as many copies as possible of their products than in creating a direct connection with their audience.

Lanning says that indie developers have only partially managed to deliver games that are focused on emotion and on solid stories.

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