Obsidian Offers Update on Project Eternity Development, PayPal Contributions

The team is currently creating the universe and mechanics

The development team at Obsidian is offering fans of their current Project Eternity an update on the game creation process and an update for those who are interested in contributing to the game using PayPal.

The team in charge of the narrative is at the moment creating the pantheon of gods for the Infinity game world and fans are invited to contribute via the forums.

Characters customization is the main focus for both artists and programmers, and the current system allows players to swap out pieces of armor and equipment and instantly see the models change dynamically.

The programming team is also working on more mundane issues like pathfinding and line of sight.

Obsidian is also announcing that those who want to contribute to Project Eternity can do so via PayPal until December 3 at 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

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