Obsidian Is Working on Weapon Animation for Project Eternity

The team plans a more extensive mechanics update for next week

The development team at Obsidian is giving fans a chance to get acquainted with Mark Bremerkamp, the lead animator working on Project Eternity, while also offering them an update on what the studio is currently working on.

When asked what he was working on for the week, the developer answered, “Initial attacks for the light spear (1h thrust) and the pike (2h thrust).”

Bremerkamp has also revealed that he is looking forward to creating the “strange and creepy critters” that will populate the game of Project Eternity.

He has also said that his favorite titles include Treasure of Tarmin, Batman, Uncharted and God of War and that he has worked on Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Alpha Protocol and Fallout New Vegas.

Obsidian also promises that it will offer an update linked to the actual mechanics of Project Eternity next week.

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