Nvidia's Project Shield Gets Presentation Video

Check out the Android-based handheld platform in action

After confirming the fact that it's going to release an all-new Android-powered handheld gaming console, in the form of Project Shield, Nvidia has just revealed a video with the device in action.

The Android operating system is slowly becoming a major influence on the gaming industry, as already not one but two home consoles are coming based on the OS.

Yesterday, Nvidia revealed its own device, in the form of Project Shield, which can play both Android games and PC titles, provided you have a computer with an Nvidia graphics card that streams the footage to the device.

Now, the company has just showed off a video with Project Shield in action, presenting the different features of the handheld device and how it's going to look in real-life.

As of yet, not a lot of things are known about Project Shield but you can expect more details soon enough.

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