Nuketown Zombies Map for Black Ops 2 Will Be Released to All Season Pass Holders

The bonus map will be released on Xbox 360 this December and on PC or PS3 after that

Activision has confirmed that the special Nuketown Zombies map that was offered in special editions of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, will be released for Season Pass holders later this year.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II came out yesterday and those who pre-ordered the game got a special Nuketown 2025 bonus map. Those who got either its Hardened or Care Package editions also received a special Nuketown Zombies map for the cooperative mode.

Now, Activision has confirmed, via CVG, that the Nuketown Zombies level will be released to those who got the game’s Season Pass in the near future.

As always, Xbox 360 owners will receive the bonus map for free in December, while other platforms, like the PC or PS3 will get it sometime after that.

The Black Ops 2 Season Pass will offer access to plenty of downloadable content packs for the game, so this extra Nuketown Zombies map is a nifty little bonus.

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