Nuclear Dawn Gets Patch 6.9, Is 75% Off

The game gets a new leveling system, general bug fixes

Developer InterWave Studios is deploying a new patch for Nuclear Dawn, its title that mixes first-person shooter and real-time strategy elements, with the biggest addition being the new Player Leveling System.

The feature is designed to allow gamers to gain levels and unlock one upgrade for each, with all the options made to change their experience in Nuclear Dawn.

Some of the upgrades will enhance health and survivability while others will give players more firepower and there are also options to unlock the Siege Classes that had previously belonged exclusively to the Commander.

Patch 6.9 also introduces a number of general changes to Nuclear Dawn, including a new extended server browser, game controller support and better positional audio for Mumble.

Nuclear Dawn is also part of the Steam based Winter Holiday, which means the game is 75 percent off.

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