North American PSN Users Get Free Money from Sony

Sony has apparently started a brand new promotion for PS3 owners

Sony has started giving away free money to its PlayStation Network users in North America, sending them special messages via the console's chat system with a code that can be used to add $10 (€7.45) to their online wallets.

Many PlayStation fans are eagerly awaiting Sony's special conference in New York City later today, at 6pm EST, as the company is expected to reveal the PlayStation 4 next-generation console.

Now, it seems that Sony has also started a brand new gesture of goodwill for PSN users at least in North America, as many are now reporting, via Reddit, that they've received a message from Sony in which the company is giving them $10.

The money can be added to the PSN wallets by users until March 5 and can be used to buy things from the PlayStation Store.

As of yet, it seems that the message is still being rolled out, as some PS3 owners have received it while others are still waiting.

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