No Western Launch for Final Fantasy Type-0 at the Moment

The development team is waiting for better circumstances

Hajime Tabata, a developer working on Final Fantasy Type-0, says that at the moment his team is not working on a localized version of the game, but might do so in the near future.

He tells Gamespot that, “Due to market reasons, we are taking a clean slate in terms of our plans.”

He adds, “We feel strongly about bringing this title to the fans in North America and Europe, so if an opportunity arises that can become a conclusive factor, we are prepared to go into consideration right away.”

Publisher Square Enix initially told fans that it would localize the game for a Western launch, but has since offered no more information on the initiative.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is centered on a group of students and the core story has originally been set to be part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis, which also incorporates Final Fantasy XIII and its sequels.

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