No Steam Launch for League of Legends, New Hero Added

Nami the Tidecaller uses water powers and has support role

Despite rumors the development team at Riot Games has no plans to launch their MOBA title League of Legends via the Steam digital distribution service from Valve.

Vladimir Cole, the communications director at Riot Games, says on Reddit that, “For a brief period of time after League of Legends launched in 2009, players could purchase a digital collectors edition of the game. This was distributed through a variety of channels (Steam included) via our European partners.”

The deals were eliminated in 2010 but players still have the version of the game in their Steam inventories.

Cole was adamant that no change in the distribution channels for League of Legends is planned.

Nami the Tidecaller is the new hero which was added to the League of Legends line-up, allowing gamers to play with a water based hero with a support role.

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