No Rewards of Trackers Planned for Diablo 3 Brawling

The team wants to keep the gameplay simple and interesting

The developers at Blizzard working on Diablo 3 say that they currently have no plans to include any point tracking or rewards to the brawling multiplayer mode, despite the interest that fans have shown in such features.

In a Questions and Answers session Kevin Martens, lead designer working on Diablo 3, states, “we always came back to the same principle: brawling is a simple, straightforward way to knock your friends and/or enemies into next week. That's it. No rewards, no objectives, no scores.:

Blizzard believes that players who are looking for more structure and more complex gameplay are also well served by Diablo 3, mainly via Team Deathmatch.

The team also encourages players to create their own rules and mini-games around the brawling mode.

Brawling, previously known as dueling, ins one of the highlights of the coming patch 1.0.7 for Diablo 3.

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