No Plans to Bring Total War: Rome 2 to Xbox One or PS4, Says Developer

The company has not found the magic formula for a port

The team at The Creative Assembly wants Total War: Rome 2 to be the biggest PC-based video game of the year and it seems that despite the introduction of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, there's no chance of seeing the game on next-gen devices.

Jamie Ferguson, the leading battle designer working on the game, tells Joystiq that, "It's one of those things where we have to find something that doesn't end up being a compromise."

He adds, "If we ever do find that secret formula, then that's probably the time when you'll see a Total War on a console."

The Creative Assembly has said that consoles fail to offer the computing power needed for a Total War title.

I got to play Total War: Rome 3 during E3 2013 and managed to take a good look at its new strategic map.

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