No Multiplayer Focus for Godus, Says Molyneux

Players will be able to enjoy the experience without connecting with others

Godus, the new Kickstarter-funded project from Peter Molyneux, will include a lot of multiplayer-focused mechanics, but the main developer working on it says that those who want to play solo will find plenty to enjoy.

Speaking to VG247 the developer says, “Godus is as much a single player game as it’s a multiplayer game. Because people are getting confused that it’s just multiplayer. There is a single player world, and as part of that single player world you have a land that persists whether you’re on these things called ‘Crusades’ or not.”

Godus is designed to take the core ideas behind the very successful Populous God game and update them in order to work with modern devices.

Players will be able to control a game world and shape its evolution as long as they get enough love from their subjects.

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