No Money Involved in The Witness PlayStation 4 Console Exclusivity

The Braid developer received early support from Sony

Jonathan Blow, the developer of The Witness and creator of Braid, says that he is receiving no monetary compensation from video game publisher Sony in order to bring his new game exclusively to the PlayStation 4 console during the launch window.

The developer tells Kotaku that, “After some more time went by, and our release date drifted further into the future, we realized that the next-generation console launch time might be a good time to release the game.”

Blow received a development kit for the PlayStation 4 and decided that the new Sony platform was a good fit for the experience he is creating.

The Wii U was not taken into account because of its unique features that posed development problems.

The Witness is a first person puzzles game that uses an open world and creates complex challenges for the player.

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