No Elcor or Hanar for Mass Effect 3’s Multiplayer

The two races would require a lot of work to be put into the online mode

BioWare has confirmed that other alien races, like the Elcor or Hanar, won’t be added to the multiplayer mode of Mass Effect 3, as a lot of expensive animation work would be required to include them in the game.

Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode started out with Human, Asari, Krogan, Drell, Quarian, and Turian characters, but it quickly saw the release of bonus races, including Geth, Vorcha or even the diminutive Volus.

Sadly for those that want to experience other races, like the Elcor or Hanar, such a thing won’t happen, at least according to the multiplayer mode’s lead Designer, Preston Watamaniuk.

“Elcor and Hanar are actually very hard to add because they would require a vast amount of animation work. Looking at the work required to bring in the Volus, about 50 times that amount would be needed to add Elcor and Hanar,” he told

As such, while it would no doubt be extremely fun to see the squid-like Hanar or the hulking Elcor in the multiplayer, fans shouldn’t expect them to be released for the online mode.

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