No Current Plans for World Cup FIFA Game for 2014, Says EA Sports

The team might instead deliver an expanded DLC experience

The FIFA World Cup for 2014 takes place in Brazil, one of the countries that most value the sport of football, but it seems that EA Sports has not yet made a decision on how it plans to portray the competition in video game form.

Andrew Wilson, the executive leading the sports division at Electronic Arts, says that the downloadable content approach that was used for the European championships has been interesting but many fans reacted negatively to it.

He tells MCV that, “We have to learn from that and figure out when to do that again. I think the World Cup presents a possible opportunity to evaluate that, but we don’t have plans yet.”

FIFA 14 will be launched in late September on the PC and current-gen devices and versions are also planned for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

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