No 2014 Launch Date for Mass Effect 4, Says Electronic Arts

The team is not currently talking about a potential release schedule

Apparently, the information that Mass Effect 4 was planned for a 2014 or 2015 launch did not actually come from an authorized source neither inside developer BioWare nor from publisher Electronic Arts.

G4 is quoting a spokesperson from the company as saying that, “at no time did EA or BioWare provide any answers to questions from Gamer Syndrome.”

The interview has also been removed and the site confirms that it did not get information from an authorized source.

Eurogamer also claims to have contacted Electronic Arts before and claims that a different BioWare developer was quoted and not that all the information was false.

The development studio has already confirmed that Commander Shepard is not the hero of the next game in the franchise and that new story threads will be explored, although some characters might return.

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