Nintendo and the Wii U Need to Be Successful, Says Sony Leader

The PlayStation 4 will prosper from the competition it offers

Shuhei Yoshida, the leader of Sony Worldwide Studios, says that Nintendo needs to thrive as a company in order to keep the video game market balanced and attract new audience to the hobby.

He tells IGN that, “I think Nintendo and us are pretty much in the same group, and we need Nintendo to be very successful to help induct as many consumers who like to play games with controllers.”

The executive also admits that he plays Wii U games with his daughters, mainly because they are fun and friendly.

Yoshida also believes that the advertising that Nintendo delivered for its new home console on launch was confusing and failed to explain the new features of the device.

Sony is planning to launch its all-new PlayStation 4 on November 15 in North America and on November 29 in Europe.

Nintendo plans to boost Wii U sales by launching more Mario and Zelda games in the coming year.

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