Nintendo Wii U eShop Downloads Can Be Played by All Local Users

The console can house up to 12 user accounts per device

Nintendo has confirmed that the upcoming Wii U home console can support up to 12 local user accounts per device and that downloadable games purchased via the eShop by one account can be played by all other ones.

The Nintendo Wii U will be released later this month and the Japanese company has begun revealing more details about the device, including how it will handle user accounts.

According to a Nintendo Direct conference in Japan, via NeoGAF, the Wii U will support up to 12 local user accounts, each with their own game saves, settings, browser bookmarks, or play history.

What’s more, if one account purchases a downloadable game from the online eShop, all other accounts will be able to access it.

Nintendo also confirms that once the console is booted, it will display on the TV screen the Miiverse social platform, while the GamePad will house the user interface, complete with icons for installed games, settings, and other such things.

You can expect Nintendo to share even more details about the Wii U ahead of its launch later this month around the world.

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