Nintendo Wii U Sells Less than 100,000 Units in US During January 2013

The performance is significantly smaller than that of the original Wii

The NPD Group is releasing sales data for the video game market in the United States during the month of January and it seems that the Wii U home console from Nintendo is performing worse than expected.

A source with access to sales numbers is telling Gamasutra that the new platform has sold well under 100,000 units, despite the fact that the NPD Group included a five-week period into its January tracking.

The Performance of the Wii U in the United States for its first three months on the market is by more than a third worse than that of the original Wii.

The Nintendo device is also selling fewer units than the current generation of devices from Microsoft and Sony did at any point during their history.

The company has recently announced a number of new games for the Wii U, set to launch later during the year.

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