Nintendo: Wii U Sells Just 2.72 Million Units in One Year, Generates Losses

The company plans to reverse its fortunes during 2014

Video game company Nintendo has posted its financial results for the year that ended on March 31 and the highlight is the fact that the Wii U has managed to generate even lower sales than the already reduced expectations.

The console has only delivered 2.72 million units to gamers in a 12-month period and that has generated losses of 23.2 billion Yen, which is the equivalent of about 228.6 million dollars (167 million Euro).

Overall revenue for Nintendo has also declined and has reached 571.1 billion Yen, about 5.6 billion dollars (4.1 billion Euro), a drop of about 10 percent over the same moment in 2013, according to financial data from NeoGAF.

The Nintendo 3DS has continued to perform well for the company and delivered 18.9 million units to players during the past year and its software sales are over 162 million copies.

The biggest sellers were Pokemon X & Y, followed by Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Big upcoming releases include Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8, which are designed to boost sales of the Wii U.

Nintendo still believes that for the full fiscal year, it can generate a profit and has plans to ramp up releases, digital sales and merchandising before March 31, 2015, in order to achieve the desired result.

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