Nintendo Wii U Out in the United States, Pick Up Pre-Orders Now

The game has a 24-title strong launch day game list

The Wii U home console is out in the United States starting today and all those who have pre-ordered the device from major retail chains can now get to their closest store and pick it up.

Video game hardware maker and publisher Nintendo says that there should be no problems with hardware availability on launch day and that it will begin shipping more consoles to store next week, taking into account the requirements of the market

Gamers will be able to see how the innovative new GamePad controller, which incorporates a touch screen, works and they will also have a chance to check out the included NintendoLand, a package that delivers a number of mini-games designed to show off the console’s features.

The Wii U is set to arrive in all European countries starting on November 30 and Japanese players will be able to pick it up on December 8.

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