Nintendo Wii U Can Download Firmware Update in the Background, Reports Say

The console will download new software whether you want it or not

The Nintendo Wii U is apparently capable of downloading its big firmware updates in the background, as quite a few reports have begun appearing all over the web, claiming that the console, even if the user selects that he doesn’t want to download a firmware update, will still get it from the web.

The Wii U’s launch went off without any big incidents, but as soon as new owners took their console home and connected it to the Internet, they were asked to download a massive 5GB firmware update for the device.

Because of the software’s huge size, many users reported that their consoles froze so they turned it off. Unfortunately for them, this procedure bricked the device and they can’t start it back up.

Now, it seems that even if you say that you don’t want to download the firmware, the Wii U will still transfer it in the background.

Such situations were reported on Reddit or by websites like CVG, so it seems that the Wii U is capable of background downloading, even if Nintendo hasn’t said anything about it.

As such, the next time the Wii U asks to download a firmware update, you can cancel this and start playing a game, as the new software will still be downloaded.

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