Nintendo Wii U 8GB Version Only Has 3GB of Useable Storage

The 32GB version of the new home console lets users manage 25GB

Despite the fact that it’s offering two distinct versions of the Wii U, one with 8GB and one with 32GB of storage, the actual storage space that can be used by owners of the home console is much more limited.

The Wii U is out on Sunday, November 18, in North America, and at the end of the month in Europe.

As such, Nintendo has been sharing more and more details about the device with potential customers.

Now, the company’s Japanese division has revealed that, while the two versions of the Wii U are advertised to have 8GB and 32GB of storage, the actual useable storage is much lower.

According to Kotaku, besides regular discrepancies in terms of space, around 4.2GB of the storage is reserved for the console’s firmware and profile data. This means that the 8GB version only has 3GB of storage that can be managed by users. Meanwhile, the 32GB one has just 25GB of useable space.

Do you think Nintendo should still be able to advertise the Wii U’s storage options despite not actually allowing users access to all of it?

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