Nintendo Wants to Improve Indie Awareness of Wii U and 3DS

The company is not yet ready to deliver unified accounts

Dan Adelman, the leader of the business development division at Nintendo of America, says that his company wants to increase the awareness of indie titles that can be played on the Wii U home console and the 3DS handheld.

VG247 quotes the executive as saying that most casual gamers, who are the traditional audience for Nintendo, have never heard of most of the content that’s being delivered via the eShop.

He states, “But I’m personally convinced that if you get these games into people’s hands and they try them, they’ll be shocked. They’ll be surprised at how good these games are and say, ‘I had no idea you could get these amazing games for $15, $20, $10 sometimes.”

Nintendo has said before that it is looking to link 3DS and Wii U accounts for the eShop, but there’s not timeline for the move yet.

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