Nintendo Wants Unique Wii U Features and Innovation from Developers

Teams will get extra support from the hardware maker

Shigeru Miyamoto, the main video game developer at Nintendo, believes that his company will offer more support to those development teams that are able to show off the unique features of the recently launched Wii U home console and those of the 3DS handheld.

GoNintendo quotes the creator of Mario and Zelda as saying that, “Our mission is to approach developers, and if they’re willing to commit to experiences only available on Nintendo hardware, we are more willing to help.”

He also emphasized the importance of innovation, adding, “Each developer has his or her own ideas and we really encourage the differences.”

The Wii U includes a new touch screen enabled GamePad controller and the overall success of the home console will depend on video games that show players new and interesting mechanics that use it.

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