Nintendo TVii Confirmed for Europe in 2013

The special streaming service will make its way into certain regions

Nintendo’s TVii service, which will soon be released to Wii U owners in North America, is going to make its way into several European regions in 2013, according to a new statement from the Japanese company.

Nintendo officially showed off the final version of the Wii U this summer and confirmed that it was going to be accompanied in North America by a special service called Nintendo TVii.

The feature, which acts as a video streaming service that you can interact with using the Wii U’s GamePad, is set to appear in North America this December.

Now, the company has confirmed on its UK website that it will also “be available in selected regions throughout Europe in 2013.”

As of yet, however, it’s unclear what those regions are or when exactly they will get access to the Nintendo TVii.

You can expect more info to appear in the near future, after the TVii is released in North America.

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