Nintendo Plans to Deliver eReader Support on the 3DS Handheld

Gamers will be able to get access to long lost game manuals

Nintendo seems to be interested in keeping up the momentum of the Nintendo 3DS handheld not just by launching new video games for it but by also adding new features that have been so far linked to smartphones and tablets, like eReader capabilities.

A source inside Nintendo has talked to fan site ForgetTheBox and stated that those who use the Nintendo 3DS will be able to download a free application and then read anything from newspapers and comics to other publications and full length books.

It seems that Nintendo is even planning to deliver instruction manuals and player guides that have long gone out of print and new game guides from Prima Games.

It seems that the video game publisher and hardware maker does not yet have a list of magazines and book publishers that are ready to deliver content for the 3DS but a wide variety is planned for the moment the eReader service will be introduced.

Similar capabilities will be included in the new Wii U home console via the touch screen interface.

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