Nintendo Network Accounts Can Be Transferred to Other Consoles Only by Nintendo

Nintendo can transfer accounts only in case of console failure

Nintendo has confirmed that the special Nintendo Network accounts created on a Wii U console by its users can be transferred to other devices but only in case the system breaks down and is sent to Nintendo itself.

The Wii U is now available for purchase all around the world, but customers are slightly disappointed that they cannot use their Nintendo Network accounts on multiple consoles or transfer them to other devices.

Nintendo has now confirmed that such a thing is possible although the actual process is quite complicated.

According to the company, if a console breaks down and owners want to recover their Nintendo Network accounts, they must send the faulty device to Nintendo itself, who'll then transfer the data to a new console.

"Nintendo of America's repair process includes the transferring of the Nintendo Network ID to a new Wii U console if a replacement system is needed," an representative told Kotaku.

As of yet, it's unclear if Nintendo's regional division are also capable of such a thing, so make sure your Wii U won't break down until the company changes its account management system.

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