Nintendo Might Ease Restrictions for Indie Developers Soon

Small game makers won't need to form a company or get an office

Nintendo might soon ease the restrictions imposed on independent developers that are just getting into the business and don't have a company or headquarters, but want to make titles for the 3DS or Wii U.

Nintendo's reputation among independent developers isn't the most impressive, as the company has set quite a few hurdles in the path of small studios that want to bring their titles onto its platforms.

The most infamous is that a developer needs to have a company and a headquarters set up, as Nintendo wants to avoid so-called "garage" developers.

Now, after being asked by an analyst about the state of the requirement, Nintendo of America's Business Development Executive, Dan Adelman, replied on Twitter that developers should ask again in a couple of weeks.

While this is hardly a confirmation, it might hint that Nintendo is going to ease the restrictions imposed on independent developers soon enough.

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