Nintendo Expects European Wii U Sell-Out, Replacements Ready

The company is also getting ready for the Japanese launch

By on December 1st, 2012 15:51 GMT

Wii U has launched today in the UK, and Nintendo UK’s head of consumer marketing James Honeywell is hopeful that the console will live up to the launch of the original Wii, and assured buyers that replacement stock is on standby for when it eventually sells out.

The executive tells CVG that, “The US has been a fantastic launch. Obviously that’s a much bigger market, and so they’ve got more stock, but we’re hoping for the same standard of success here in the UK.”

“We’ve got a fantastic launch line-up, and we think it’ll be sold out in the first few days, if not the first few hours. But after that we’ve got really strong deliveries of follow-up stock,” he adds.

During its first in the United States the Wii U has sold more than 400,000 units.