Nintendo Begins Its Wii U Advertising Campaign with Fresh Video

The Wii U and its GamePad will change the way people play games

Nintendo has officially kicked off its advertising campaign for the upcoming Wii U in North America, debuting the first commercial that will begin airing across the U.S. and Canada ahead of the device’s launch on November 18.

The Wii U is eagerly awaited by quite a lot of Nintendo fans and plenty of current Wii owners, at least judging by the big number of pre-orders announced by the Japanese company.

In order to get even more people interested in the new home console, Nintendo has now started airing a special commercial across North American TV channels.

The ad, which you can admire above, shows off how the Wii U and its special GamePad controller will change the way people play games.

While the video focuses a bit too much on the GamePad controller, it will certainly attract more casual gamers who want to upgrade from the Wii to a new home console.

What do you think about the console’s new ad? Share your thoughts below.

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