Nintendo 3DS Passes 10 Million Sales Mark in Japan

The device benefited from a price cut and lack of competition from the Vita

The Nintendo 3DS is now over the 10 million units sold mark on the home Japanese market, with an extra 68,192 units sold as of January 6 of this year.

The gaming device has been selling in Japan for 98 weeks, more than in the rest of the world, and is currently topping weekly hardware sales charts.

The data comes from Famitsu and is quoted by Nintendolife and the magazine also says that the hardware maker has big plans for the device in 2013.

Recently, the publishing side of Nintendo has announced two new Pokemon titles, called X and Y, which will be launched during the fall of this year.

The 3DS initially sold in limited numbers in Japan, mainly because of high prices, but the console managed to stage a comeback after it received a 30 percent price cut soon after launch.

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