Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus Coming to PS Vita Next February

The handheld game even gets its first concrete details

After talking about Ninja Gaiden on the PlayStation Vita several days ago, its developer, Team Ninja, has now presented the first concrete details about the title, alongside its release date, confirming that Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus will be launched next February for the handheld device in its native Japan.

The Ninja Gaiden series is getting ready to see the release of not just its full pledged Ninja Gaiden 3, which is coming early next year, but also for a portable edition, designed for the PlayStation Vita.

The first actual details have now appeared, via Andriasang, which says that it’s called Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and will feature, besides regular control input through buttons and analog sticks, touch ones that allow players to use their fingers while making special Ninpo moves.

There’s also a Hero Mode for less skilled players, which automatically guards and evades from oncoming strikes, to help them get a feel for the combat in an easier way.

Tecmo Koei, its publisher, hasn’t revealed a concrete release date outside Japan but New PS Vita owners can expect it sometime after the launch of the console in Europe and North America, on February 22.

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