Next Xbox Is Called Xbox Fusion, According to Domain Name Registrations

Microsoft has apparently bought a variety of domains for this name

The next Xbox console (aka the Xbox 720 or Durango) will actually be called Xbox Fusion, according to a brand new domain name registration made by Microsoft.

Microsoft is set to finally present its next-generation Xbox console later this month, on May 21.

While no other official details are known, the console has received plenty of reported names, like Xbox 720 or its codename, Durango.

Now, Fusible reports that Microsoft has just registered a bunch of different domain names for Xbox Fusion.

The website also notes that Microsoft's doesn't actually own domain names like Xbox 720, Xbox Durango, or Xbox Infinite, so it's not likely that the next-gen console will have any of those designations.

As of yet, Microsoft hasn't commented on these new speculations about its next-generation Xbox console, so expect to hear more on May 21.

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