Next Mass Effect Game Will Still Be a Third-Person RPG Shooter

The new title retains the core recipe of the franchise's previous installments

BioWare confirmed that the next Mass Effect game will be "the same type of game as the first three."

The company revealed that there will be no changes in terms of mechanics for the future game, and that it's still a third-person shooter with role-playing game elements.

The Mass Effect series entertained millions of gamers from around the world with a great story and with impressive gameplay that got even smoother with each iteration.

BioWare's Montreal studio revealed that it's working on the next installment and, seeing as how a new protagonist was confirmed, many fans were thinking about the franchise going into a new genre.

That won't be the case, as BioWare Montreal General Manager Yanick Roy confirmed on Twitter that the new game will be the same type as the first three titles.

This means that the next Mass Effect will be a third-person shooter at its core and will feature RPG elements such as dialog choices, skill trees, and other such things.

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