Next Guild Wars 2 Update to Address Loot Mechanics

The new patch is set to appear this month and brings other improvements

ArenaNet, the developer of the recently released Guild Wars 2 online game has confirmed that it's going to address the loot mechanics and systems through the next update for the title, as it feels that some rules were unintentionally restrictive.

Guild Wars 2 came out last year and, unlike many other online games, which either are free-to-play and charge money based on microtransactions or use a monthly subscription, lets players experience it how they want it once they buy the game.

Sadly, some issues have appeared with the game, including its loot system, and ArenaNet has now confirmed that it's going to address some of the unintentionally restrictive mechanics in the next update, which is set to appear this month.

The patch will also change the way loot is earned based on the player’s location, as some areas will be more bountiful while others will have scarcer goodies.

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