Next-Generation Consoles Have Fantastic Potential, Ubisoft Says

The French publisher is confident in the innovation sparked by new devices

Ubisoft, the company behind very successful franchises like Assassin's Creed, has confirmed that next-generation platforms from both Sony and Microsoft, in the form of the oft-rumored PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720, respectively, have fantastic potential for innovation.

While both Microsoft and Sony aren't talking about their new consoles, the two companies have begun teasing some big announcements this year.

According to Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot, the new devices to be revealed have a fantastic potential and are going to bring innovation to the games industry.

What's more, Guillemot, according to CVG, has confirmed that, at least at first, the costs of developing a game for next-generation platforms won't increase by a wide margin, because the studios will continue using their existing engines and technologies.

Sony is expected to reveal the new PlayStation 4 on February 20 while Microsoft's Xbox 720 announcement is going to take place at E3 2013 this summer.

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