Newest Max Payne 3 Video Focuses on Bullet Time

Max can slow down time and obliterate his foes while jumping into cover

Rockstar has just unveiled a brand new trailer for its upcoming Max Payne 3 shooter, this time showing off how the trademark Bullet Time mechanic will be portrayed in the new game.

Previous Max Payne games have delivered intense third person shooter experiences and introduced a whole new gameplay mechanic in the form of Bullet Time, which slows down time and allows the player to line up perfect shots or eliminate enemies while diving into cover.

Now, with Max Payne 3 getting ready to appear in May, developer Rockstar Games has presented a brand new video in its Design and Technology series, focusing on the Bullet Time mechanic.

While the core mechanic is still here, it’s been refined to make the whole experience that much more impressive and to allow Max to still defeat his enemies even when he’s outnumbered and outgunned.

What’s more, during certain cinematic moments, Bullet Time will automatically trigger, making Max’s adventures seem even more interesting.

Check out the trailer for Max Payne 3 above and get ready for the game’s release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in May.

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