New Wii U Firmware Update Out Now, Is a Mandatory Download

The new software weighs in at 600MB and you shouldn't turn the console off

Nintendo has released a massive new firmware update for its recently released Wii U home console, in the form of a mandatory download that weighs in at around 600MB.

The Wii U came out last month in North America and Europe, but new users were quickly met with a mandatory firmware update that weighed in at around 5GB.

This caused various issues, as some consoles turned off during the update process or the power went out, causing the Wii U units in question to break down completely,

Now, a new firmware update has just been released, this time weighing in at just 600MB. The download is mandatory and Nintendo has advised through its Twitter account to not unplug the console while it's transferring the new software.

Doing such a thing "may cause damage" to the Wii U, but Nintendo didn't clarify just what problems can occur, so make sure your power won't fail you during the update process.

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