New Wii U Firmware Update Addresses Loading Times, Out This Month

The new software version will come out in Japan in December

Nintendo has confirmed that it's going to release a special Wii U firmware update for its new device, which should address the lengthy loading times that are plaguing the new home console, and is going to appear at the end of this month in Japan at least.

The Nintendo Wii U came out back in November and the Japanese company has subsequently released several firmware updates that mostly improved the stability of the console.

Now, seeing as how owners are still complaining of loading times, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has revealed through a Nintendo Direct video, via Engadget, that a special firmware update will be released for the Wii U.

The new software will improve the speed of the console's interface, cut back on the loading times, and should be released at the end of the month in Japan at least.

As of yet, Nintendo's other regional divisions haven't confirmed when they should release the update.

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