New Watch Dogs Video Shows Off Motion Capture Process, Gameplay

Check out some impressive footage with the game's combat

A brand new Watch Dogs video has been released by Ubisoft, this time focusing on the motion capture process while also showing off a bit of new gameplay footage.

Watch Dogs is one of the most impressive all-new games set to appear this year, and Ubisoft has begun to heavily promote the cross-generation game, which is set to appear on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, but also on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

A fresh video has just been released by the company, taking a deeper look at the motion capture process.

Ubisoft developers also provide commentary regarding the combat style of protagonist Aiden Pearce, which traces its routes from street fighting, placing a bigger emphasis on survival rather than style.

Plenty of new gameplay footage is also featured in the video above so check it out.

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