New Vegas Developer Wants More Emergent Narrative in Games

The team plans to introduce innovative mechanics in Project Eternity

Chris Avellone, the creative director at Obsidian Entertainment, says that despite its success, Planetscape: Torment does not represent the right way to handle story telling in video games and the more recent Fallout: New Vegas is a better experience because it includes emergent experiences.

He tells Gamasutra that, “There've been so many times where any story I've attempted to tell will get trumped by some action the player can do in the game systems, and it's a better story for that, and I can't argue with it.”

“Which we had to do at the time but that's more of a novelistic approach to writing, which isn't necessarily the best fit for games,” he adds.

At the moment, Obsidian is working on Project Eternity, a new top-down party-based title that will use classic role-playing mechanics and will introduce players to a new complex game universe.

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