New Super Mario Bros. 2 Players Collect 300 Billion Gold Coins, DLC Incoming

Gamers will get access to a number of classic levels

The development team inside Nintendo confirms that players who have bought New Super Mario Bros. 2 have managed to collect more than 300 billion Gold Coins since the game was launched on the 3DS handheld, in Japan, in the middle of summer.

In order to celebrate the occasion, Nintendo is offering players the chance to pick up a new Golden Classic Course Pack downloadable content, which is free until January 2013 of next year.

After that date, all those who want to get it will have to pay 200 Yen, which is about 2.43 dollars (1.8 Euro).

The DLC includes a number of classic courses from the history of the Mario series – all of them chosen after the community has been surveyed – including Round 1 from the original Mario Bros.; 1-1, 1-2, and 1-4 from Super Mario Bros.; 1-1 and 1-5 from Super Mario Bros. 3.

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