New Street Fighter Poll Wants to Find the Most Popular Fighter in the Franchise

The result will be used to decide the roster of new games and other such things

Capcom has just revealed a brand new poll through which it asks fans to name their favorite characters from the Street Fighter franchise.

The Street Fighter series has entertained gamers for over 25 years and its roster of characters is very big, including all sorts of successful and less successful people, from Ken and Ryu, to Chun Li, Akuma, Blanka, and many more.

Now, in order to help in deciding the future strategy of the company, Capcom has just revealed a special poll on its Community website, through which fans can name their favorite characters as well as various information about themselves, like what platforms they own, in which region they are currently residing, and other such things.

The poll closes on March 1 and the results will be shared at PAX East later this year. The info, according to Capcom, will "help with future games, marketing, and licensing opportunities."

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